Who is Cassidy and David Avalo?

Who is Cassidy and David Avalo?

Hey everyone, we thought we should take the time and introduce ourselves. We are Cassidy and David Avalo. We are a husband and wife duo who enjoy the beauty and therapeutic properties of art. Our heart and focus lies within abstract textural mixed media pieces. We truly believe art has the power to transcend. We've just begun our journey in creating art with the intention of it being sold. We love the idea of being a part of someone's space knowing our artwork is bringing joy and peace to those who view it.

We are the founders and owners of Wakened Collective, Wakened Apparel and Wakened Boards. With my (David) back ground in business, Cassidy’s love for creativity coupled with our shared passion for adventure and serving others — Wakened was born. When we were still just dating, our meet ups would take place in coffee shops where we would sketch, dream and plan what our little idea could one day be. We had a craving to mix philanthropy, art and sustainability into one amazing brand that both us and others could stand behind. After years of bouncing around ideas, we finally decided to act on it and follow our dream. Wakened was then created and the rest is history! Every piece in our shop is a result of creative collaboration between the two of us. We pour so much into our brand because it is our dream. When you purchase anything from our store, you are supporting a dream. Our dream. 

We have been married for 7 years and have been enjoying living life with our rescued fur babies, traveling around the world and creating. Like we mentioned earlier, our designing in business has really been centered around product development and graphic art for apparel. It wasn't until recently, that we decided to begin offering our artwork for purchase. The creation process for the these pieces has been so therapeutic for us and has reinvigorated our creativity, giving us a fresh perspective.

We are happy to have you on this journey with us and hope you enjoy our work!

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