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Sandbox Sage VIII

Sandbox Sage VIII

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Mixed media, textural abstract painting on canvas. 48 x 60 in canvas. 49.5 x 61.5 in with natural finish pine frame by Cassidy Avalo (CALO).

A little about the piece: This piece started out with a ton of color! Layers beneath what you see now, is experimentation, trial and a whole lot of tones I don’t typically work with. As fun as that rendition was to play with, it didn’t speak to me. I never paint over old work but with such a large canvas, I knew there was potential to create an immersive piece of art that was more representative of my style. The Sandbox series is by far one of my most popular bodies of work and is almost meditative for me to create. Before this piece, I hadn’t gone that large scale with this style. I had dreamt of creating a Sandbox that would be an understated statement. Understated in its composition, yet holding a larger amount of space to create a statement with its size. And that’s how this piece came to be. 

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